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For Cruises, inquiries are welcome. 
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Now it is open for business for Cruises.

Mancor Tech Corp Travel Agency Division Services for : Cruises, Airlines, Land Transporation , Train, Hotels, Resort, Restaurant and other related servicces. Below Mancor Tech Corp Travel Agency Services -are the references for our contineous research and development, software or other programs that can developed the Travel Agency Industries. Schools and business are welcome to contact us what ever we can contribute to your purposes.

To develope all security concerns like cyber security research to protect the consumers, businesses, government entities, Military and Investigative Forces,  non-profit and private organization.  Plus we can impart our experienced in Information Technology for Computer software and hardwares, Networking, Best laptop of desktop equipment that might needed that can supply by our company. Including the Unlock large display Android Cellphone or Iphone, including the activation , bill pay which part of Mancor Tech corp which is 24/7 available in our world winning powerful ecommerce business. We also upgrade or repair these computer equipment of various travel agencies nationwide or international. We also can provide -Certification Training in Information Technology if needed. Website design for their Travel Agencies.  Call Text or Call 415-318-0247 Attn: Manny Tan Sy Engineering department. 

Future development: We are designing three display LCD with hydraulic desk with built-in or consolidated , paperless system for office automation for nationwide and USA made product by our company  for global market to help USA in exportation industry. With the cooperation of our own I.T. Certification Training Research Team developed by Engr. Manny Tan Sy formerly professor of I.T. in several colleges in San Francisco. 

Investors are welcome to our continuous corporation expansion. (415)318-0247  Dealership, Agents , Franchises, Remote or outsourcing Volunteers  for our retail are open nationwide and Internationmal. Training for Management, Marketing, Accounting, Internet Platform, Ecommerce, Manufacturing of Hi-Tech Products, Research and development are open. or

Below are for links reference.

ARC (International Air Transport Association)

Emerging Models for NDC (New Distribution Capability)

VTC-Verified Travel Consultant Program

IATA or IATAN (International Air Transport Association) (For Travel Agency Outside USA)

Information from IATA: Beware of fraudulent requests -Travel agents are frequently targeted by fraudsters sending fake IATA e-mails and invoices. Please see how you can protect yourself: e-mail and website fraud protection

Travel Agent and IATA

CLIA-Cruise Line International Association.

OBC-On Board Credit

Amadeus Training Scenario: Book Flight Itinerary, Create PNR, Price Fare

travel agencies have developed an internet presence of their own by creating travel websites, with detailed information and online booking capabilities. Travel agencies also use the services of the major computer reservations systemscompanies, also known as Global Distribution Systems (GDS), including: Amadeus CRSGalileo CRSSABRE, and Worldspan, which is a subsidiary of Travelport, allowing them to book and sell airline ticketscar rentalshotels, and other travel related services. Some online travel websites allow visitors to compare hotel and flight rates with multiple companies for free; they often allow visitors to sort the travel packages by amenities, price, and proximity to a city or landmark.
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